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April 1, 2014

If I could see

I see you walking
Every day
And I wonder

So I close my eyes
And walk stray
Is it the same?
I still ponder

I don’t know
What you are feeling
With my eyes closed
My mind is healing

I feel the sun shine on my skin
And all the sounds; it’s music.
I still see what’s dark and light
Nothing is ever far out of sight

So I still wonder

I’ve seen your smile
I heard your anger
Felt your insecurity
I have even seen you dance.

And still…. I wonder.

May 28, 2013

The truth might be the biggest lie

There is something on my mind. It has been for quite some time. To be honest, it is on my mind as long as I can imagine. It is a question that has so many different answers, that it is hard to understand if any of these answers even is the right answers. Maybe it is just one of those questions that has no right answer, but for me, that is just not working out very well; accepting that there might be more than one good answer. It is not like the answer can be something so simple as “42”, even though Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy fans would argue with me about that.

Arguing. That might be the problem. The problem that makes the question so hard. So many groups of people are arguing about the answer. People are even being killed because of a different point of view. Really? Why? It is not like your opinion is more important than anyone else’s. It is not that you have the knowledge to explain it all, nor the capacity to understand it all. That is just not what humans do.

The question I am talking about is basically the Ultimate question about life, the universe and everything. The question about what is right and what is wrong. The question about health, wealth, nature and the environment. The question about our planet. I love our planet. I love earth. I love the wondrous nature, the beauty of green leaves in spring and the enchanting colours of fall.  I love how a baby fish knows how to swim right from the start and a baby horse stands up directly after birth. I love how there is balance between life and death and I love that everything is related.

This balance is so fragile, so easily disrupted. Or is it? I keep wondering about a “perfect world”. A perfect world is something different for everyone. Is the planet capable of restoring this balance? Can science tell us what a perfect world is? Can religion? Is there a bigger master plan that would show us where we should be going, if we knew it? Will there be a person, a human being, that will be capable of designing this master plan for the future?

What would this master plan look like? Will there be humans? Will we have waste? Will there be cars and electricity? Will there be animals that are able to communicate with our species in a more advanced way? Will we be able to understand the consequences of what we do now? The consequences for life, for the planet, in fifty years? A hundred years? A million years?

You see, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t know what to do. I have made so many different designs of the perfect world, in my head, in my imagination, that I lost track. Scenarios, choices, variables, needs, greeds, hidden agendas… I know I am not the only one redesigning the planet, there are many specialists, scientists, philosophers and other human beings out there, wondering about the ultimate question.

I have not found the answer. I doubt if I ever will. If anyone ever will. And even if someone does, even if someone finds the big master plan, the ultimate goal, the thing we should all be working on. Even if someone does. Would that creature be able to convince all the others? Would that single mind be capable of getting heard and being believed by an entire world? Or will it be like a project, with a strategy, a vision and a goal, but lacking the commitment of the team?

I know I will keep thinking about it, but maybe I will never get any further than 42. Maybe that is all there is to it. 42.