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July 25, 2014

Is creating fear equal to creating hate?

After weeks filled with terrible news from all over the world, about wars and bombs and abducted children, after weeks of over-thinking it (maybe too much), I found myself wondering: Is creating fear the same thing as creating hate? Now I am very curious on your take on this matter, so feel free to respond, via a private message or as a comment. Here is my take:

Humans are mostly curious by nature. We have a history of exploration an inventing. We explore basically everything, from the smallest particles to the biggest unknown destinations light-years away. With the progression in technology, it has become easier to explore and we got more and more fields to explore, but not so long ago, it was already an accomplishment to explore another continent.

In exploring lies the danger of encountering the unknown. The unknown can be very scary, especially if it looks like something you know, but not quite. The human race has, like every creature, the natural instinct of wanting to survive and encountering the unknown often results in a protective or cautious reaction.

On the other hand, we humans have the tendencies to feel the need for power over others, or personal gain. I know a lot of humans have overcome this tendency, or might have never had it at all, or yet, but in history there are plenty of examples of groups of humans overpowering other groups of humans and try to force them into a way that does not fit to the standards, the morality or the ethics of that other group. It is like a pack of animals taking over another pack of animals: The ones that do not confide in their new destiny are likely to be abandoned or to be killed.

But what does this have to do with my original question? Is creating fear the same thing as creating hate? Well, for me this bit of history helps to put things into perspective. I feel that a certain amount of fear can eventually result in hate against a group of people, but it is not the only result fear can have and I do think that there is more to it.

People might become afraid of the unknown and react in a self-preserving manner, not so much out of hate, but simply in order to survive (setting aside the discussion how ethical the reaction of self-preserving might be). People also might sincerely become afraid of their ethics and morality being overrun by others and therefore start to protect their own vision on life. This might become more extreme as the fear is fed and result in hate. On the other hand, I think that fear can equally result in love when faced. When fearing something, sometimes the best reaction is to act immediately (being faced by a predator, often it is wise to instantly react), but often it is wise to try to put things into perspective. When someone puts their fear into perspective, analyzes the fear and tries to find out why they are afraid, they might find out that they are actually just facing the unknown, feeding their curiosity and fascination instead. Depending on the morality of said person, the reaction might turn into love for the unknown and the desire to find out more about it.

Another side to the story that comes to mind is the behavior of wanting to save others from what a certain group fears. The idea that others are in danger (real or irrelevant danger) might be overwhelming at some points, when having strong believes about the danger and a strong opinion on the solution. Though there are many situations in which saving others is a very good idea, sometimes it can become a hazard as well, when the believe turns so strong that the danger others face might also affect the ones who try to prevent that very same danger from threatening them. When the believe in the solution is so strong that the solution is forced upon others, there is a hazard of fear turning into hate as well.

So in many ways, fear can be the start of hate, but it does not have to, in my opinion. Hate on the other hand can also be caused by indoctrination, nurture and many other causes that we, as a human race, can also counter.

So there you go, just a few of my thoughts on the subject. The more I keep thinking about it, the more I feel like writing down different point of views, but I want to hear your take on the subject. Send me a private message, write a comment, give me a call, share your thoughts.

July 23, 2014

I would like to share a tear

This world in which we live

This world in which we kill

This world in which we take

This world in which we gain


Don’t you think it is enough?

Don’t you feel that it should end?

Don’t you agree that life is worth

much more if we just give?


I would like to share a tear

For every broken home

I would like to share a thought

For every fight that starts


I would like to share a wish

For every soul that leaves

I would like to share a life

For every soul that breathes


I would like to ask you now

To value all you have

To not take any more

But to give it up and share


I would like to ask you now

Never to cause pain

Never to do harm

Never ever start a war


I would like to ask you now

Can we stop the hate

Can we stop the bombs

And can we start the peace?


I keep my eyes shut

And hope when I wake up

We all came to understand

We all put it to a stop


But I open up my mind

For everyone around

I welcome you inside

To join me as a friend


And I open up my heart

For everyone to see

And if you feel the need

Together we can be

July 21, 2014

Where a lake is a sea in the mountains

Where a lake is a sea in the mountains your dream disappears
You feel like a key to the boundaries of wisdom and fears
And then wonder about the abundance of steel and of fire
Your eyes glow aroused with attention as you realize your future is gone

You were so young
You were so blue
You were so free
Taken away

Hot air under your wings on a painting of clouds in the sky
Forget where you’re going on the grain in the photos shattered so shy
Though the reason departs from the main port in limbo of fights
A thought of thunder remains through the chills in my heart

You were so warm
You were so true
You were so real
Taken away

Where a lake is a sea in the mountains your thoughts will remain
I feel like a lock on a door of power and gain
And then wonder about fascination for guns and for bombs
My eyes glow of abundance of tears as I realize your future is gone.

You were so young
You were so blue
You were so free
Taken away

You were so warm
You were so true
You were so real
Taken away