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September 24, 2015

Run Broccoli Run! (Dutch)

Roy Schellekens is nu al een held. Iedereen die zich een (langere) periode van zijn of haar leven met volle overtuiging inzet voor anderen, voor een goed doel, of voor mensen die even, of altijd, pech hebben, of de hulp goed kunnen gebruiken, is een held. Maar nu is het even Roy Schellekens die mijn aandacht krijgt. En Roy doet gewoon zelf het woord. Lees hieronder wat Roy gaat doen, en waarom, en beslis daarna of je hier een paar, of heel veel, euro / dollar / ponden / …  voor over hebt.

Gastblog van Roy:

26 september loop ik in Kopenhagen de zwaarste obstacle run ter wereld om aandacht te vragen voor mensen met een gedragsprobleem. Voor hen staat iedere dag in het teken van het overwinnen van obstakels.

Onderzoek en behandeling kunnen de kwaliteit van leven voor deze mensen verbeteren. Zo is onlangs aangetoond dat broccoli hun communicatie- vaardigheden verbetert, waardoor het symbool is komen staan voor de noodzaak van klinisch onderzoek. Dus juich en klap voor broccoli, of nog beter: support broccoli door te doneren via

Met jouw bijdrage steun je het Fonds Psychische Gezondheid en draag je bij aan onderzoek en behandeling. Door gebruik te maken van het JustGiving platform komt je geld direct op de juiste plek terecht.

Speciale dank gaat uit naar de helden van Diamond Training voor het fit maken. Naar Fysio Vught voor het fit houden. En natuurlijk naar jou, voor je support en donatie.


January 4, 2014

Learning challenge #1: I’m so heavy

That moment I stepped in the car, I was so excited, it can almost be called nervousness. At the same time I was smiling so much it almost hurt. I was actually going to do it! To hell with new year resolutions. Let’s go for the new year challenges and new year goals! I have been talking about my challenge quite a lot, but if you have missed it: I want to reach at least 25 learning experiences during 2014. Learning experiences that go beyond my current knowledge or skills and take me out of my comfort zone now and then. Good for me, this first challenge was quite close to my comfort zone, but still: Excitement and adrenaline were rushing through my body as I drove to the Easyshape personal training studio to meet my lector for the evening: Jeremy Regensburg.

020120143185As I arrived at the studio I saw all the weights ready to be heavy on me and I met the charming and handsome (as in young Hugh Jackman in Wolverine (1999) handsome) Jeremy himself. His soothing appearance got me relaxed in no time. Jeremy told me he started working out during university, a time that gave him the opportunity to work out quite cheap and since he was a bit unfit, he figured he should get in shape. He went from having an almost perfect round belly to having an almost perfect muscular upper and lower body. His love, however, is to help others with getting fit and reaching their goals. He likes it so much that he travels halfway through the country from his home to the studio for it.

I’m weak and I’m strong
Ready to lift! And lifting I did! But not before Jeremy figured out what my body is made of and what it can do. Also he asked about my goals. Since my main goal is to do the half triathlon by the end of summer (September), and to gain some strength, this is exactly what we focused on during the 2 hours of working out: Doing exercises that are functional and that will complement on my endurance training.

As some of the regular readers might know, I have a hyper-mobility in my joints, caused by my muscles. This hyper-mobility causes a lot of stress on my joints, previously often causing injuries. Since I have been training more regular and with a better plan, these injuries are more and more staying out of my life. Lifting can both be a solution and a hazard in this. It is important to have a good posture and perform an exercise with care and with the right technique.

Jeremy easily figured out what my strong and weak points were; on the downside I have stiff ankle, slightly unstable knees and my head is leaning a bit too much forward. The  upside: I have good legs (read: short upper legs) for weight lifting, I am good at listening to advice and my approach towards sports – listen to my body, but never quit to move – is a good way to feel less hindered by my weaknesses (hyper-mobility).

I’m hot and I’m cold
Before we really got to the heavy stuff, Jeremy let me do some squats, holding rings in my hands for both balance and more effect for the entire body, to warm up. After only a minute, my heartbeat was raised: On to the dead-lifts. Now, I know this exercise. I like it. So there I was, thinking: “Yeah, just get the weight off the ground, maximum of about 40 kilos (110 lbs), do that about 10-15 times and on to the next exercise”. Wrong! Doing the exercise at about 70% of your maximum for 3-5 times and gradually building up the weight from there is enough. Eventually Jeremy managed to let me lift 80 kilos (220 lbs). That is slightly more than I weigh myself.

I’m in and I’m out
And that is not all. Jeremy explained to me that doing an exercise about 3-5 reps, in 3-5 series, every 3-5 days, with about 3-5 minutes of rest in between series, is one of the most effective ways to train for me. Of course that is not the only rule that Jeremy taught me. He also explained that there are just a few things that you need to do for an effective training. The seven basic movement patterns are the squat, hip hinge (dead-lift), two presses (push ups and overhead presses) two pulls (rows and pull ups) and gait. It’s hard to go wrong when you stick to them.

Being in and out of reading Nerdfitness, of course, somewhere in the back of my head, all of this sounded familiar, but I never really understood it, nor knew it for real up to today. (I should read more into Nerdfitness and similar blogs!)

After the dead-lifts we went on to the squats. Where I usually have more weight on my shoulders, we now focused on technique and I could actually lift way less with a good technique (madam obvious!). In other words: I have a lot to work on here: Partly due to my stiff ankles and partly because of not pushing myself to go that extra few centimetres. I was shown an ankle stretch so in the near future I can go to a narrower foot stance, but for now, since I cannot bend my ankles that easily, I will have to go for a wide stance, made even easier with some elevation under my heels. So instead of the Olympic (shoulder width) or power-lift width (wider than shoulder width), I will start training in the sumo position (widest stand).

I’m up and I’m down
What else than an overhead press press to finish the heavy weights? I have been struggling with this exercise for a few months now, since I am afraid to injure my shoulder and I am insecure about my stability, technique and ability. Right from that moment I expected trouble in shoulder-land. But heck. If Jeremy says we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna do it!

But not before Jeremy checked if I was stable enough to lift the weights above my head, so he showed me some more stability exercises and did some tests to see what I could manage. Since at this point I started to trust Jeremy completely, I just went with it, making a movement I would never do without guidance (for the first time). Jeremy asked me to hold a stick with both hands, as wide as needed, and then move the stick over my head, all the way down to my hips and back up, all the way down to my hips at the front again. The shoulder dislocation. This one is going into my morning routine.

On to the actual press. Nailing it! Well, of course, there is work to be done, but I was actually holding some weight over my head without feeling insecure, unstable or pain! Thank you Jeremy! Thank you!

I’m dry and I sweat
After this exercise we sort of talked about some variations of exercises, and Jeremy advised me to get me some rings for in my house – instead of the TRX I was planning on buying. He explained how the lower body in natural movements is mostly stable and the upper body is mostly doing the unstable ‘jobs’. With the rings there are more exercises that are fun and effective for both my upper body and my lower body, without taking (both of) my feet off the ground. Awesome!  After some exercises for stronger abs: fixed exercises such as the plank, instead of moving exercises such as crunches, we went on to the last part of the evening. Some kettle bell swings ending it off with a TABATA work-out of 4 minutes (20 seconds swinging, 10 seconds rest). I was sweating for sure! But at the same time: Smiling.

So what did I learn today?
Today I learned more about how to work-out with my instability. I learned more about the techniques of basic exercises with heavy weights. I learned that it is best for me to train about 30-45 minutes a time when doing heavy weights on about 70% of my maximum ability, with the 3-5 rule. I learned the 3-5 rule. Also I got to swing a kettle bell for the first time and gained some information about embryology. The most valuable part of this experience must be the exercises for my shoulder stability and ankle flexibility.  Jeremy also explained what the right type of shoes is for weight training. (Something like this, or this. And if you don’t have these, barefeet is an option!).

And I learned another thing: I love this learning challenge! Next time I will definitely not be so nervous any more and I will definitely take everything I learned today and incorporate it into my training and probably I will meet up with Jeremy again in the future, to work on an even better form.

If you want more information about Jeremy Regensburg or Easyshape, go visit the links below!
There is always something to learn!