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January 3, 2015

The challenge of 2014

The new year has started and I must say, the challenge I gave myself last year might have been a bit too much. At first everything went quite well, but after a few months I decided to not postpone one of my other goals, to become a fitness instructor, anymore and all of the sudden the abundance of time was gone.

For more than a half year I spent one day in the weekend at school and one day doing my internship at the gym. During the week I was working at my day job and Cassette Culture and I needed to do some homework as well. Right after I passed my last examn, the talent program at my day job started and again I found myself, or rather my agenda, completely locked down. Not a big deal since I was learning after all, but not in the way I had pictured when the year started.

I did manage to learn a new thing a few weeks ago. It’s quite a nice memory to be honest. It all started when I met Cristan a few months ago, when I was heading home from my work at the gym and Cristan just got home from a business trip to London. We both had to take the same bus to the same village and we managed to keep the conversation going all the way home. Cristan told me about his job, but also about his passions, the scouts and dancing. He invited me to come and try out Zouk. Zouk is way out of my comfort zone and as he inviteqd me, I remembered my learning challenge. Without a doubt I said yes to this small adventure and about 1,5 month later I found myself in the dance school, learning to move my hips.

As we arrived, the advanced class was still dancing and I must say, it looks so gracious and smooth. It is hypnotizing. Zouk is a couple dance that originates from Rio de Janeiro. It is influenced by styles like the Lambada and Salsa. Where with many dancing styles the man guides the lady with his hands and arms, with Zouk most of the body is used. It is a very intimate dancing style that requires trust. For the women it also requires a strong nek and back to perform all the swirling, swinging and arching. Check out the video for a little impression:

As I said, Zouk is not in my comfort zone. Not at all. I prefer to look at myself as a stiff dancer and though I love to dance in my living room, pretending I am a real natural, I hardly dance in public except for the occasional rock ‘n roll dance event. I love rock ‘n roll dancing! Zouk is nothing like that. Zouk is about being sensual, moving the hips; a completely different flow. Since there weren’t any other dancers that evening but Cristan and me. I got a nice private session which made it essier to let all the shame and discomfort go. With blushes on my cheecks I managed to learn the basic steps, and most important, I had fun.

But now it is a new year. I decided to just continue the challenge. It might take me a few years but I will collect those 25 experiences. It is all a matter of persistance. Next weekend I will go for another learning challenge, given to me by Remko. I am going to fly. Oh dear…. Fear of heights and all… Airplane here I come!!!

And yes, of course I will keep on writing, whenever I find the time and inspiration, and whenever a twisted story pops into my head. So what is your challenge this year?