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May 1, 2014

Dino: Good catch

For those who follow me on Facebook, you already know that I’ve been hunting the last days, resulting in dirty paws and my human wondering what I am doing outside all day. This morning, when I was outside just for my pre-breakfast routine, a little surprise was flying by. Since I have been craving for a good hunt I could not let this little one get away. This was the perfect opportunity to teach my human how to prepare a good meal. This morning there was a little bird waiting for my human at her breakfast. After playing around for a bit, I let my human eat it and I think she loved it since it was gone in no time.


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April 27, 2014

Dino: celebrate

Good morning everyone! Here, in The Netherlands, a lot of people have been partying for two nights and a day, because today is the birthday of the king. Well.. I can tell you this. I deserve such a party as well. After all, I am magnificent. Now I am thinking about it… I know a lot more animals that are magnificent. Even Red Cat is quite cool if you try to ignore that he has no manners at all. All we animals get, is a lousy 4th of October because most humans can’t even remember our real birth day. And if that isn’t enough, a lot of humans don’t even have the decency to celebrate for us then. Most of them are “too busy”, or “just forgot about it completely”. So, in order to make sure we, the animals, get the party we deserve, I want to propose that from now on, we will replace one of the national holidays, in every country, with the utter celebration of all animal kinds. It is a day on which every animal is relieved from duty. No animal should have to work that day. Humans will be the slaves of the animals that day, making sure we get enough hugs, rubs, toys, play, food, rest, and luxury. Humans also will have to party the entire day and night. No sleep is allowed. Lot’s of music and lots of dressing up as your favourite animal. Now. I want to hear you: Are you with me?

I will start my quest for this day tomorrow.. I will just sleep some more now…


April 16, 2014

Dino: Strayfies and fan mail

It is amazing how time passes. I have been pressing my human for writing more blogs and all she did was working out and do other things. Everything except writing for me. I got a lot of fan mail asking when I was starting blogging again and it made me feel terrible to know that I had to miss you humans and other readers for such a long time. I always have the feeling our relationship is a little bit one-sided, me always sending my thoughts over the internet to you, the unknown reader. Well.. I had a little idea. What if all of you start sending my photos. Photos of you and your pet, or just you if you don’t have a pet. I would love to see who you are and if you agree on it, I will publish your photo on this blog as well. I was inspired by the Strayfies we published earlier this month on Facebook. It would be awesome if you could also share the photo on Facebook or Twitter, with either both the Hashtags #Strayfie and #DinofelisBigMuffIn or just the last one. Of course I will make a special Facebook album with all of the photos as well :D. So, send in your photos via Facebook or to my human:

Me and my human, my biggest fan. #Strayfie #DinofelisBigMuffIn

Me and my human, my biggest fan. #Strayfie #DinofelisBigMuffIn

January 6, 2014

Dino: I am with you!

Some days… I noticed that the past days, all I talked about, is my human. There is a reason to that! I love her. How much I hate her sometimes for not feeding me in time, or not letting me in, or out, or for not petting me enough, or too much, I love her. I love her so much that I trust her completely and so much that I actually do miss her. Of course, the other humans who live in my territory are great as well! They also feed me now and then and I can go in to the other cribs to hunt birdies or to sleep on the couch, or the bed. But still… When my human is not there, I miss her. So I found a solution! I am going with her! Everywhere! At least, I am going to try. My first attempt was yesterday. I failed. But wait! I will not give up! I will be with her!


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January 2, 2014

Dino: Smelly Socks

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Since you read this blog, you know that my human likes to work out. I mean, she has been publishing exercise challenges the entire 2013 so it was hard to miss. Now what you do miss, is the mess she makes because she works out. There are sports cloths everywhere in the house. Always. She doesn’t even respect the kitteh bed space… It is horrible.

Every time when I search for a nice warm spot to get one of my beauty naps, I have to watch my step in order not to step on smelly sweaty socks, or recently washed, and therefore still wet, sports shirts and pants. I must say that in summer time it is not that bad, since then I can just go out and sleep under a bush somewhere, but in wintertime, when she dries her socks on the central heating, there is no escaping the smell of sweaty feet odour or salty acidy smell of too much training.



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