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August 12, 2014

10 days for a better world – day 3

Just a few days ago I published a blog about how I feel we can all make the world a little bit better by just small gestures towards others. I also asked to let me know about your experiences with this adventure. And of course I promised to let you know all about my journey during these 10 days.

These 10 days are not necessarily a change to your life. I know many people already try and do their best to improve the world a bit every single day. However, it is very good to do the things that come naturally with a bit more attention sometimes. And believe me, there is still enough of a challenge left even if you already enlighten other people their lives every day. Some days just creep up on you and before you know it they are over. Some days you are just so over occupied with work, with your family, with your pet, with the household, that you hardly notice that the day already is over.

sleepSociety demands of us that we are flexible, that we take in a lot of information and that we continuously show ourselves at our best. And while doing our best to live up to the expectations we embodied, sometimes we just feel exhausted, we just want to go home, want to go to bed and sleep. Sometimes we are working so hard, we hardly notice it is way passed bed time and we forget to take enough time to sleep and relax, things that are essential. Sleep and rest not only help you recover, it helps you to develop, to grow. That is something that goes for the muscles as well as for the mind.

The previous days my deed existed of buying people stuff. Yesterday I cut someone else some slack. A colleague who has just become a father was tired of all the broken nights. All I did was assuring him that it was fine to go home. I would finish his work. That’s it. I can’t make it any more fancy. It gave him an extra 15 minutes.

That is the beauty of it all. Surprising someone, making someone’s day, helping someone out, giving something to another person, it does not have to cost you much. You don’t need to have money to make the world a better place. Sometimes a little compliment, a little bit of time, can be enough. Sometimes it is even just a smile that will crack someone up. So go out there, have fun!

April 30, 2012

The Stove

The StoveOne of the most awesome things about my cheap skate project, is that it actually Works. It is amazing to see how helpful people can be! There is a fantastic story behind most of my furniture that I have now. Not only because I got it for free, also because the way I got it and the journey the particular piece already made.

My stove is a story that I love to tell to people. Why? Because it is based on pure coincidence. And while I promised to share some stories behind the stuff I got via the Cheap Skate project, here is the first story, the story of the stove.

One day at work I was working on a tight deadline for a project. Most people of the project team were quite tired but everybody was working hard and there was a good vibe. It was Friday and we all knew that there was no early weekend today. At a certain point one of the team members, responsible for planning was ready and was the first to go home. He asked me if there was anything I needed.

My natural response was: “well, to be honest, there is. I still need a stove, a lamp, a cabinet, …” and the list went on. I was merely joking. The response of my colleague was both surprising me as it was confusing me: “A stove? I have one that you can pick up next week!”.

Wow! I had to ask if he was serious about three or four times before I believed he was actually serious. I had just moved into my new home and it was quite a mess. I was sleeping on the floor and eating cold food and fast food as I had nothing better. I was still unpacking boxes and already someone offered me a stove!

The colleague explained that they had just gotten a new kitchen and that the stove was up for reselling it via internet, but that he wanted to trade it with me for an apple pie rather than sell it on the internet. What a great way to start of the weekend!

Just a few days later I went to pick up the stove. The wife of my colleague made the story even more complete. She told me that the stove originally belonged to her mother who bought a stove that she hardly used. After she didn’t need it, my colleague and his wife used it for quite a while until they decided to upgrade their kitchen. She had completely cleaned the stove for me so the stove that was in a perfect condition, was also ready for use as soon as I installed it in my kitchen. You can’t believe how happy I was with this awesome gift. I not only had the opportunity to prepare hot meals myself once again, I also had a great story to tell.

And that is not all. While they had the entire kitchen done, they also had a microwave oven and the hood accompanying the stove. Though I knew the cheap skate project might just get me a lot of stuff, I found it hard to accept all of this. My colleague said it was not Christmas yet, but it sure as hell felt like Christmas to me!