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October 4, 2013

Dinofelis: Freedom and sun baths

There is this thing to the fourth of October that I like, and then there is this thing that I don’t like about it at all. What I do like is all the extra awereness towards animal health and safety, though, of course I’d wish that this would be in humanz’s nature instead of a yearly event, and the presents! Oh how I like the presents! I do hope that you did not forget to send me something though I have not been posting that regular last year as I did in 2012. What I do not like about this day, is that the humanz do not completely understand what we, the animals, want.

030920132865The other day I was reading a blog about white cats and one of the comments, clearly made by a human, said that it was cruel that some humanz would let their white cat go outside and have fun and enjoy their freedom as we, white cats, can get skin cancer very easily from the sun and we should, at all times, be protected.

This reminded me of a discussion that my previous co-human had on a message board when my humanz first rescued me from the animal shelter where I was trying to escape before anyone would notice I was pregnant (have you ever tried to escape an animal shelter while pregnant? I mean the humanz there are nice and taking care of you very well and I will always be grateful towards them and love them, but the other kittehs… the lack of privacy… the.. ah well, that’s not what this post is about). People told him that they should, under no circumstances, let me go out, because I am such a beautiful cat and because I am white and because the great outsides is so dangerous.

Hapilly my humanz understood that a kitteh is a hunter, an animal that needs to go outside, that needs freedom and space and that needs adventure and that the outsides will bring character building as well. I mean, keep me inside and I am a monster. It is as if I change into a creature that lives to damage and do harm to others. I do not want to be that creature, but without fresh air and enough fun and play and hunt and adventure, without the visits I bring to my dear neighbours, the occasional fight with other kittehs and the occasional monkey tricks (or should I say kitteh tricks), I just can’t help myself.

I know some of the animals love to sleep and stay in all day, they hate the great outsides, they are scared of the great outsides, or they just don’t like the rain or the sun or something else that is out there. The thing is, as long as they have a choice, they’re happy. Having a choice, that is a part of freedom. Animals should not be held captive, no matter how large the cage is, we are animals, and just like humanz, we do not like it when others prevent us from moving around freely.


Humanz often think that they know what is best for the animal, just because the animal does not speak the same language as the humanz do.

Instead of telling you we really want to go outside, we might scratch you, which will be interpreted as non-socialized behavior.

Instead of asking for food we might not leave your side, which will be interpreted as love.

Instead of telling you we are hurt, we might ignore you and bow our heads whenever we see you coming in, which might be interpreted as shame.

So what I wish for this day, the fourth of October, or Dierendag in Dutch (Day of the animals), besides of the presents, the foods and the fame, I wish that you would not project your human behavior and feelings upon animals anymore. I wish that you remember that we, our species, once had the freedom to walk the earth and yeah, we might get cancer, we might get hit by a truck. So what? You do not hear about people being held captive because they went to the beach in their bathing suits while they have a sensitive skin either, do you?

June 15, 2012

167: Feeling better

Okay, so after lots and lots of sleep, eating healthy cat food and more sleep, I feel better. And guess what? Had an awesome day. My human decided to work from home so in hre breaks she was playing with me and my favourite hiding spot was open today so I had fun playing hide and seek too!

Do you still play hide and seek? It is one of my favourite games after Dino-ball and chasing mice and birds and playing with shiny and non-shiny dreads and strings…  What other games do you like?