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November 5, 2012

225: Cat House

Okay, I feel like a complete rock star again! My human has been celebrating her birthday last week and you know what? I got a present! An awesome present. I think I got the best present ever! I got my own house! I love it. Now I can start decorating. I think the most important things will be some preys to catch, like spiders, or silverfish, or maybe even mice. Then, I will need something soft to lay on, I am quite sure that I will find something soft and warm and cuddly. I think I’ll leave the food out of it. I do not like food in my bed:D.

Thank you for the present dear humans!


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January 22, 2012

22: Staying flex

One of my favourite items inside the house, next to the mixing machine, is this weird board wired with rope in the kitchen. I love putting my nails into it and stretch and bite and.. oh man, I can get crazy exercising with that weird equipment. And the place the humans situated that weird board, is perfect. Close to food, close to my way out, or in, whatever I like.

There is another place with such a delightful piece of exercise equipment, but usually it is very hard to get to that. They put that thing in the car, so the only moment I get to enjoy it is when they come home from whatever it is what humans do when they use the car. It’s that fine piece of equipment in the back, covering the trunk. I just love it!

Of course outside there are plenty of other exercise possibilities, but I specifically love these two because of their texture and their perfect grip, it really helps me to stretch my entire body.. oh man, I feel like a commercial now…

22-365 Staying Flex

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January 21, 2012

21: Coming along

The good thing about bags is that you can not only sleep in them, the give shelter, surround you, and mostly, there is something nice in it still, like nice soft cloths, or even toys. Sometimes there is even food in the bags, but it is hard to get to that before the humans do.

I know mostly I am not coming along with the humans, and if they do take me somewhere it is the vet. I don’t really like the vet. It smells scary there and they don’t listen to me there…  I don’t really care I am not coming along, as long as the humans make a mess and leave stuff all over the place, I have something else to do anyway. I love exploring the possibilities while they are gone!

21-365 bag

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January 20, 2012

20: Buzzing the Fuzz

My female human is preparing for a gig tomorrow morning, and guess what, she is going to play bass the entire evening.. So looking forward to that! I am ready for it, fire up the bass human! Though, I hope she will only play the down-tuned stuff because those high notes don’t really buzz the fuzz:D.

20-365 buzzing the fuzz

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January 19, 2012

19: Rough Rough nights..

Oof. I slept too much. Do you know that feeling? You know you should feel energized, but somehow it is hard to wake up and you have a headache the entire day… You just want to stay in and do nothing for the rest of the day, and you know that if you will, you will feel even worse tomorrow… Yeah… I will definitely try to go outside later on… I will!

I did find a beautiful new toy by the way. It’s a perfect shape, perfect colour, perfect thing to roll around..


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