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March 31, 2017

Artificial Jelly-bots

Or in other words: Biodegradable sub-sea data collection mechanisms.

During the Our Oceans Challenge I was one of the moderators at the Our Oceans Challenge platform. An experience that enabled me to talk to many innovators and to hear new ideas on making the offshore industry a sustainable and green industry, a beautiful goal. But also an opportunity to dream about new tools and methods myself.

Top 20
OOC-LinkedInYesterday during the top 20 announcement, I got to promote two of my ideas that were selected as Top 20 ideas. One of them was a down to earth idea: a pollution localization method using photo collection and image recognition. Quite feasible and possible to realize in two or three ways. The other one is the “dream big” idea: biodegradable artificial jelly-bots capable of collecting sub-sea data to gain knowledge on the quality of the sea, pollution, sub-sea noise disturbance and who knows, maybe even biodiversity and more. Both ideas are runner-up to become one of the winners of the Our Oceans Challenge. But before the Grande Finale, a lot of work needs to be done.

I believe in this idea. I am sure there are quite a lot of changes that need to be made to the initial idea to make it feasible and doable. And once we have done so, I believe we can gain a lot of useable knowledge about our beautiful oceans. The goal is to collect this data for both commercial use and science. There is still a lot we want to know about our ocean and by collecting data in a way that won’t harm the ocean, we can respectfully learn in order to preserve.

A lot of questions
I am not a specialist on marine biology, chemistry or data science. There are quite some questions left on feasibility and design. And I am going to need a lot of help to get this idea to the next level. Down here are some of the questions that will need to be answered. However the design will change, sustainability is and will remain a basic requirement.

  • Which data should we collect?
  • How can we create biodegradable data vessels?
  • How can we code these vessels / which code do we need?
  • How can we retrieve data from these vessels?
  • How can we process the data and make it available for third parties?

You can help
I want to ask you to get involved. Can you answer some of my questions? Can you get involved in the project itself? Or you can help me by connecting me to people who can and want to join this project, who want to help answer these questions or who can share their knowledge in order to evolve the idea into a design that can be built within reasonable boundaries of time and money. Maybe you are not sure if you can help out. In that case, send me a message. What you can always do to help is share this post.

Get in touch
For more information you can send me a message or e-mail.
Click here for information on the Our Oceans Challenge.

Ps. I am quite confident that I can create a good plan for the photo idea, but still, if you want to join in on that project, you are more than welcome.



February 23, 2016

The Better World

Yesterday a (guest) blog was published on The better world is an inspirational blog about the daily improvements we can all make to turn this earth into a better place. I want to invite you to head over to this blog and read it. More important, I want to invite you to join the challenge that is mentioned in the blog: 10 days for a better world! Are you ready?

Read the full blog here.

Some short bits and pieces extracted from the blog:

” … she liked me for who I was and therefore, was a good friend! A while ago, we ‘found’ each other again on Facebook and since then, I’ve seen her do so much awesome ‘better world’-stuff… ”

“In her letter, she first describes being hesistant about writing about ‘doing good stuff’, a feeling I recognize. Every blog post is a struggle ….”

” I hereby want to restart this little challenge. And yes, it is just a little challenge. It is just 10 days of small social actions. The 10 days is just a number of course. If you want to make that – like I try – into a life long habit, that is perfectly fine. I actually would appreciate that effort a lot!”

Again, read the full blog here: What they do: Ruth.

While you are clicking anyway, go ahead and like The Better World on Facebook.


September 30, 2015


You take me to the highest mountains
You guide me through the greenest forests
You lift me from the ground and let me fly
You make me feel loved and you let me cry

You make way for my cravings and give room to my fears
You let me live fairy-tales and travel through space
You make my body go cold and my skin sweat
You turn struggle and chaos into a peaceful head

You scream for attention when I try to ignore
You paralyze my muscles and get my thoughts to float
You take care of me in so many ways
I cannot do without you, that is the case.


July 22, 2015

2000 kilometer

ruth 001Within a little over a week it is time. I will be on my (race) bike and cycling for 2 weeks, over 2000 kilometer, to raise money for an organization that helps out kids with muscle diseases and funds research in order to be able to prevent and treat muscle diseases. It is strange and weird that I have not posted about that on this blog yet. And now it is so close, all I can share is the feelings on shuffle in my mind.

As I am working hard to get all the preparations done, I am focusing on this ride more than I have done so far. I am thinking about the kids constantly, thinking about more ways to make their life more awesome. I am thinking about the hazards of the ride that I will encounter. I am looking forward to the information and to all the conversations with the experts and the cycling enthusiasts. In short, there is going so much through my head that it is hard to focus on anything else. All I think is cycling, all I see is cycling, all I hear is cycling and all I want to do is cycling. Trying out the gear, trying out the new outfits and the cool little gadgets that will keep me on the road.

I know I will end up at the side of the road, crying my hydration out, feeling alone and desperate, at some point. I know I will feel intense joy and happiness when I overview the beautiful scenery. I know I will feel grateful for every rider out there who joins me for a while. I will feel (and I already feel) grateful for every single euro donated, for every single bit of help that is offered to me.

So far this entire experience has been amazing already. The many times my status was shared so many times I could not possibly track all the replies of people who wanted to help me. The many times that people wish me good luck, people who I have never met before who come up to me and shake my hand. It is plain and simple overwhelming.

11403155_10204591250122507_2769392194509153060_nHere I am. four and a half more prep days to go. 5 rest days to go. Sitting on the couch, wishing I could express all the feelings of happiness and gratitude and excitement and nerves that rush through my body, knowing that all I can do is just follow the plan. That is all I need to do, just follow the plan. The plan that I did not fully write down. I just used some words and lines and quickly drawn graphs about training intensity and type of training. I just scribbled some sentences in my notebook to guide myself through the last preparations. I did make Excel files with the routes, the addresses where I will stay and a packing list and yes, I did contact professionals to help me with this weird and exciting adventure. And now it is almost time. It is almost time and all I want to do is start already. I just want to get on that bike and start riding. I am ready. My body is not, but my mind is. My body needs some more rest. My health needs those last preparations, but a small part of me can’t wait to be on that bike…

But I will wait. I will take my time and I will do this the right way.
I will take my time so I can ride this ride, for Bente, Finn and Liv. For three amazing children who will be in my heart forever.
I will take my time and silently go over all the people who have showed their support, one way or another. And since I am doing that silently, hereby I want to thank all of you, once again. Thank you!

So, there you have it, my feelings on shuffle, in a blog, on my personal blog…

If you feel you want to support this ride, and thereby the amazing children who live with muscle diseases, just simply go to to donate, or contact me to hear what else you can do. And if you want to wish me good luck in person, come to Hoornaar on the first of August. I will ride through this village around 9:30 / 10:00 am. You can check-in for this event right here.

If you have any questions, go for it, ask them. I will be glad to answer them!

ruth 008

July 25, 2014

Is creating fear equal to creating hate?

After weeks filled with terrible news from all over the world, about wars and bombs and abducted children, after weeks of over-thinking it (maybe too much), I found myself wondering: Is creating fear the same thing as creating hate? Now I am very curious on your take on this matter, so feel free to respond, via a private message or as a comment. Here is my take:

Humans are mostly curious by nature. We have a history of exploration an inventing. We explore basically everything, from the smallest particles to the biggest unknown destinations light-years away. With the progression in technology, it has become easier to explore and we got more and more fields to explore, but not so long ago, it was already an accomplishment to explore another continent.

In exploring lies the danger of encountering the unknown. The unknown can be very scary, especially if it looks like something you know, but not quite. The human race has, like every creature, the natural instinct of wanting to survive and encountering the unknown often results in a protective or cautious reaction.

On the other hand, we humans have the tendencies to feel the need for power over others, or personal gain. I know a lot of humans have overcome this tendency, or might have never had it at all, or yet, but in history there are plenty of examples of groups of humans overpowering other groups of humans and try to force them into a way that does not fit to the standards, the morality or the ethics of that other group. It is like a pack of animals taking over another pack of animals: The ones that do not confide in their new destiny are likely to be abandoned or to be killed.

But what does this have to do with my original question? Is creating fear the same thing as creating hate? Well, for me this bit of history helps to put things into perspective. I feel that a certain amount of fear can eventually result in hate against a group of people, but it is not the only result fear can have and I do think that there is more to it.

People might become afraid of the unknown and react in a self-preserving manner, not so much out of hate, but simply in order to survive (setting aside the discussion how ethical the reaction of self-preserving might be). People also might sincerely become afraid of their ethics and morality being overrun by others and therefore start to protect their own vision on life. This might become more extreme as the fear is fed and result in hate. On the other hand, I think that fear can equally result in love when faced. When fearing something, sometimes the best reaction is to act immediately (being faced by a predator, often it is wise to instantly react), but often it is wise to try to put things into perspective. When someone puts their fear into perspective, analyzes the fear and tries to find out why they are afraid, they might find out that they are actually just facing the unknown, feeding their curiosity and fascination instead. Depending on the morality of said person, the reaction might turn into love for the unknown and the desire to find out more about it.

Another side to the story that comes to mind is the behavior of wanting to save others from what a certain group fears. The idea that others are in danger (real or irrelevant danger) might be overwhelming at some points, when having strong believes about the danger and a strong opinion on the solution. Though there are many situations in which saving others is a very good idea, sometimes it can become a hazard as well, when the believe turns so strong that the danger others face might also affect the ones who try to prevent that very same danger from threatening them. When the believe in the solution is so strong that the solution is forced upon others, there is a hazard of fear turning into hate as well.

So in many ways, fear can be the start of hate, but it does not have to, in my opinion. Hate on the other hand can also be caused by indoctrination, nurture and many other causes that we, as a human race, can also counter.

So there you go, just a few of my thoughts on the subject. The more I keep thinking about it, the more I feel like writing down different point of views, but I want to hear your take on the subject. Send me a private message, write a comment, give me a call, share your thoughts.