Who is…

The best way to learn to know me is to read my blogs. Not by reading this little piece about who I am. This piece only represents how I see myself and what my interests are.

I am Ruth. I am curious and bouncy. I love the world, animals and nature. I love music. I watch a lot of movies, play games and study a lot. I love to work out. Oh, and I like to write.

My life is mostly situated in a part of the Netherlands called “De Randstad”, between Rotterdam, Gouda and Utrecht. In the near future, I am planning to move to an area/ country with forests and mountains. I work at Strukton Rail and I studied Industrial engineering and management in Rotterdam. Currently I am studying to become a very knowledgeable fitness instructor and personal trainer.

I get energized by challenges and variety, by discussions about philosophies and points of view, by a good groove, by being amazed by the beauty of situations and objects.

I can intensely enjoy a forest, mountains, a nice quote, a good song, or observing animals.

I love to eat fruits and vegetables. I also love pizza, ice cream and chocolate.

I fantasize about writing my memoirs when I am old and grey, about living like a nomad in a small camper / van, about a hotel of my own abroad, about my life as inventor and scientist and about technologies for the future and also about being a space explorer. I crave to discover the infinities of the galaxies and to meet whoever is out there.


2 Comments to “Who is…”

  1. Dank je wel Marcel! En er is nog zoveel moois om naar toe te gaan, en te doen, en te worden!

  2. Mooie line, “best way to learn to know me…” CVs is geschiedenis, opleiding is geschiedenis, ervaring is geschiedenis. Wat je doet met je geschiedenis en wat je van plan bent en waar je naar toe wilt ‘ga je zijn’.

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