10 days for a better world – day 2

One might think that doing something to better the world we live in would be an easy thing. After all, it can be the smallest things. But what if you hardly see anyone during the day because you are out with a friend? Yesterday I was in Breda and Zundert. That friend and I visited the reptile home, watched a movie and had a lovely dinner at Restaurant Fernando (the taste of the orange sauce was amazing!).

Now you would think finding people who you can help wouldn’t be much of a problem, since holding a door for someone already is a good start, but it was raining almost through the day and before the day was half over, I realized that it would be a challenging task today. The friend and I both couldn’t really figure out what I could do today and while it would have been convenient if some situation would occur, I am glad it didn’t, simply because that means there was no one around who was in immediate need of a helping hand.

Luckily making the world a better place isn’t all about doing good in situations that obviously ask for it. Surprising someone who is least expecting it can really make someone’s day. Giving someone a compliment out of the blue (and meaning it), can cheer up a persons’ day. Since this challenge for me means to be aware of the things I do to better the world, and to challenge myself to do something every day, I did not want to leave anything to coincidence. Waiting for someone who I can compliment does not feel too honest and just standing besides the door to be able to hold it for someone doesn’t make sense to me, so I figured out something else.

Toothless and Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon 2

Toothless and Hiccup – How to Train Your Dragon 2

At the cinema, there was no line at the counter. I talked to the cashier for a bit and asked her if she could add the items of the people behind us without them noticing it. The cashier immediately understood the idea behind this plan and she gladly helped out. I paid for our drinks and theirs, without them knowing what I was doing and then we just walked away. The cashier of course pointed at us behind our back and my friend later told me that that couple gave us a thumbs up.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, I was already preparing for the movie we were about to see, but it was nice to know that the couple appreciated the gift.

Later that day we had a discussion about doing things for others to feel better yourself. Clearly the intention of selfless actions is not to feel better yourself, but it is a spin-off that you should gladly welcome. That feeling is not a feeling that makes you feel better than anyone else. It is not a feeling of buying of guilt. It Is a feeling of reward and since you are doing something to better the world, however small or big your deed is, you deserve that feeling. You can be proud at yourself.

Now, I am curious, did you start your 10 days already? Or are you just like Rene and are you continuing your 10 days which you started 10 years ago? Did you think of new ways of making the world a better place today? Did you get any cool reactions? I am curious about your experiences, so feel free to share them with us in the comments!


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