You can do it too!

Stop. Please read this blog. There is an important request to you here and I would love it if you would respond to it for me. More important, if you respond to it, the world might just get a little bit better today.

If you want to skip straight to the question, just scroll down to the part where it says “My request to you”. Otherwise, just read on, you’ll get there in a few words..

I know my blog isn’t the place where hundreds of people come to read my thoughts and stories and point-of-views. I know the stats of my blog and therefore I have a pretty clear idea about the reach of what I write. Mostly I don’t write things that I feel everyone should read or know, but today is different. Today is very different. Today I want to ask all of you to do something to better the world and that is a difficult request.

A better world
The idea of a better world and a better life appeals to most of us human beings. The problem with this terminology is that it means something different for a lot of people. As soon as you go into the debate, political views, personal greed, religion or other factors might cloud the initial discussion and a better world ends up in something that can’t seen from any other point of view than from your personal views. I am not saying this is bad. I just want to point out that there is a danger of those point of views being driven by something else than unselfishness abnegation and therefore might be pointing more towards personal gain. Now, in my opinion, to make the world a better place, we should not ignore our personal needs, but we should be able to put them aside at times in order to help others, without any desire to get anything in return. Just make someone’s day better.

Pay it forward
I bet most of you have seen or heard about the movie Pay it Forward, or have heard or read about initiatives trying to copy the idea. Unfortunately somehow these initiatives never reach the world wide spread they deserve, so that is not what I am going to aim for either. All these initiatives are great and awesome. The idea of putting your own misery aside for a moment and help someone else is heart-warming, in whatever way it is done.

My request to you
My request to you, is to do something to make someone else’s life better. Not just one day, but 10 days in a row. Believe me, this is possible! It is not about giving stuff or money away necessarily, though, that might be done. It is about enhancing someone’s life, which can involve a simple compliment, a hug, a vow of confidence, a recommendation, an acknowledgement, anything. You can also think about things like picking up a wrapping from the ground and disposing it at a garbage can, cleaning up the playing ground across the street, leave your car at home for an entire day (or week).. the possibilities are endless.

Of course it would be great if many, many people would take up this challenge, but even if only two or three of you do so, the world is yet again a little bit of a better place. All I ask is that you try and do this without judging anyone else. This is not about politics or religion. This is not about you, me, or anyone else. This is about all of us.

Need more inspiration?
I am sure that you are creative and smart enough to think of small things you can do daily, but just in case, if you need inspiration, feel free to comment on this blog or send me a message and I will help you out!

Blog about it!
When you feel this idea is a great way to do some good, to enhance the world and happiness, you probably already got started, but there is one more thing you can do to make the experience better: Blog about your actions. Share this post. Copy this post onto your own blog (no copyright issues here, just go for it!). Tell people about what you are doing. You can also comment on this blog about all you did, or even write guest blogs (which I will publish on this blog for you). All I mean to say is: If we spread the word and more people join, the effect will be bigger.


21 Responses to “You can do it too!”

  1. 10 days is a good start! ;-)
    I have the feeling I started these days years and years ago and if I have the chance to help then I will do so.
    At least every day once… also if it is only to hold the door… because not all days are perfect!

    • That is exactly the things that I love to hear Rene, I always try to do my best as well, but there are some days that you simply forget to do something. These 10 days are hopefully the start or continuing of a habit. I myself try to do something extra during these 10 days, in order to make it count, in order to make myself aware of how easy it is to do things for others. So, no matter how long you have been doing this already, please share your experience of 10 consecutive days with us, so we can get inspired even more!

  2. Ik doe mee. Alle beetjes helpen aan een mooiere wereld en iedereen kan wat liefde gebruiken. Huggie ♡

  3. Een PC herinstalleren voor een digibeet zodat die weer zonder allemaal door ontwetendheid verkregen malware verder kan.

  4. Ik weet overigens zeker dat het je gaat lukken, ook op je werk, want het kunnen ook kleine dingen zijn. Een uitgestelde koffie voor iemand kopen, iemand helpen met een zware tas dragen, de deur voor iemand open houden, iemand een oprecht compliment geven, een collega helpen die het onwijs druk heeft, er zijn zoveel dingen te bedenken…

  5. Wat een ontzettend goed idee! Dit zouden veel meer mensen moeten doen! Ik doe mee! Ik zal het ook delen op mijn blog :) Hoe bekender, hoe beter!

    • Cool. Dank je wel Ilona! Laat vooral ook even weten wat op jouw blog de reacties zijn, en wat je zelf allemaal gedaan hebt. Ik ben heel benieuwd!

      • Haha, zal ik doen! Ik ben zelf ook benieuwd, want op dagen dat ik moet werken wordt het een beetje een uitdaging haha, maar dat moet ook! :) Deel je zelf ook jouw 10 dagen op je blog? Lijkt me leuk om te lezen! :)

      • Dat ga ik zeker doen! En ik ga morgen ook meteen beginnen. Niet vandaag, want vandaag heb ik de blog al geschreven. :D

      • Heel leuk! Hartstikke goed initiatief! Bij mij komt de blog zondag online :) Succes! Ben benieuwd naar je berichten :)


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