Dino: I am social

Dear friends and fans,

My human told me that a lot of you are begging for more updates and blogs by me. I feel flattered. Now, you all know that I like to relax a lot, but my human and I came to an understanding. We will update the Facebook page more regularly so you humans can still follow me on the intertubes. Of course, I will not do this daily, but the cool thing is, that Facebook is way more interactive and that gives you the chance to communicate with me directly instead of via my human. I recently got myself a foon thingy, so I am connected. So, dear humans, do not despair, I am still alive and I am still out there, you just have to know where to look.

Oh, and in order to reach my goal of becoming world famous, please like, follow and share the Facebook page. Your help is mucho appreciated!

Just as your gifts and admiration for me. I understand you.





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