Dino: celebrate

Good morning everyone! Here, in The Netherlands, a lot of people have been partying for two nights and a day, because today is the birthday of the king. Well.. I can tell you this. I deserve such a party as well. After all, I am magnificent. Now I am thinking about it… I know a lot more animals that are magnificent. Even Red Cat is quite cool if you try to ignore that he has no manners at all. All we animals get, is a lousy 4th of October because most humans can’t even remember our real birth day. And if that isn’t enough, a lot of humans don’t even have the decency to celebrate for us then. Most of them are “too busy”, or “just forgot about it completely”. So, in order to make sure we, the animals, get the party we deserve, I want to propose that from now on, we will replace one of the national holidays, in every country, with the utter celebration of all animal kinds. It is a day on which every animal is relieved from duty. No animal should have to work that day. Humans will be the slaves of the animals that day, making sure we get enough hugs, rubs, toys, play, food, rest, and luxury. Humans also will have to party the entire day and night. No sleep is allowed. Lot’s of music and lots of dressing up as your favourite animal. Now. I want to hear you: Are you with me?

I will start my quest for this day tomorrow.. I will just sleep some more now…



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