Dino: Strayfies and fan mail

It is amazing how time passes. I have been pressing my human for writing more blogs and all she did was working out and do other things. Everything except writing for me. I got a lot of fan mail asking when I was starting blogging again and it made me feel terrible to know that I had to miss you humans and other readers for such a long time. I always have the feeling our relationship is a little bit one-sided, me always sending my thoughts over the internet to you, the unknown reader. Well.. I had a little idea. What if all of you start sending my photos. Photos of you and your pet, or just you if you don’t have a pet. I would love to see who you are and if you agree on it, I will publish your photo on this blog as well. I was inspired by the Strayfies we published earlier this month on Facebook. It would be awesome if you could also share the photo on Facebook or Twitter, with either both the Hashtags #Strayfie and #DinofelisBigMuffIn or just the last one. Of course I will make a special Facebook album with all of the photos as well :D. So, send in your photos via Facebook or to my human: ruth@ruthvennekens.nl.

Me and my human, my biggest fan. #Strayfie #DinofelisBigMuffIn

Me and my human, my biggest fan. #Strayfie #DinofelisBigMuffIn


One Comment to “Dino: Strayfies and fan mail”

  1. Yeah, she’s back

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