Dino: The cuddles!

YES! I made it. I had the best cuddles in the world last evening. On the couch, for hours! Well, maybe it was minutes, but it sure felt like hours to me, and that is what matters! I think everyone deserves a cuddly friend now and then. I had my cuddly friend with me last evening and it was good. So I am wondering, do you cuddle better with a furry or with a human? I sure love a human over a furry, since other furries are just competition in my quest for attention, world fame, food and presents. Though, I do think I am happy that other furries exist. I do not feel that I would be able to be happy without them being alive. I actually think that more furries should be so lucky as I am, and have a great live, owning a good-hearted human that takes care of them in a good way, without thinking anything else than they love you. Yeah, I feel every furry deserves a good human!


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