Dino: I am with you!

Some days… I noticed that the past days, all I talked about, is my human. There is a reason to that! I love her. How much I hate her sometimes for not feeding me in time, or not letting me in, or out, or for not petting me enough, or too much, I love her. I love her so much that I trust her completely and so much that I actually do miss her. Of course, the other humans who live in my territory are great as well! They also feed me now and then and I can go in to the other cribs to hunt birdies or to sleep on the couch, or the bed. But still… When my human is not there, I miss her. So I found a solution! I am going with her! Everywhere! At least, I am going to try. My first attempt was yesterday. I failed. But wait! I will not give up! I will be with her!


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