Last year I have been working with an artist to create a photo report of her artwork for a publication in a magazine. It was an amazing experience. I collect memories and experiences, and this is definitely one of those experiences that will stay in my memory for the rest of my life!


I love it to meet people with a passion for what they do, people who are willing to work hard to realize their dreams and people who are willing to fight prejudices in order to be able to do what they like most. Elise is a strong woman who works as a painter for a living. She paints houses, offices, rooms and whatever comes her way in order to provide her share of the income for her family.

Elise is more than just a painter. She is an artist as well. The first time I met her was at her house, to discuss the specifics of our collaboration. I was glad that we met at her place, because she lives in one of the coolest houses I have come across the last years. It is a small farm-like house, with sort of a petting zoo in the garden where her four children and their friends can play with, or without the animals. There are horses, pigs, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs and well… more animals. The outside of the house once was bright clear pink, but there were some people who didn’t really like that notable colour so now it is a more soft piggy pink colour.

On the inside, the house is a mixture of art, cozy chaos, colours, happiness  and beautiful wall paintings. I met the entire family that evening, but the impression was so overwhelming that I forgot all their names except for her husband, who I had previously met during an outside work-out. I felt comfortable right from the start.

So what is it that Elise does for passion? She makes imprints of the human body on canvas. The process is simple. She makes a background for the imprint on the canvas, covers the body in paint and asks the person to lay down in a specific way on the canvas, causing the paint to transfer from the body to the canvas, creating effects that are hardly predictable, intimate and yet suitable as wall art for the living room.

Because this particular imprint we were going to make, was for a photo report for a magazine, we agreed we had to practice to be sure that during the shoot we would have a good result. Liora, the other model, and I went to Elise one night and we made our first imprint. It went pretty well and all of us were happy with the result. Next step: scheduling the shoot. I can tell you it is a big difference to make an imprint in the cozy set-up that Elise has for her art opposed to a big bright studio with a few photographers running around and some assistants to make sure everything goes according to plan.


The shoot went well, resulting in beautiful artistic shots that shows the process of the paintings being made, but also in a second imprint. Soon this imprint will hang on my wall, as a thank you from Elise for helping out with this shoot. The biggest thank you still is the entire experience. The process of making such a personal painting, in such a relaxing setting – yes, even in a large photo studio with the photographers running around – with such lovely people, meeting yet another passionate soul, talking about more than just the imprint, and even see your imprint at expositions… Just WOW.

If you want an imprint of your body, or a part of it, as a present for someone, or just for yourself, you can contact Elise about the specifics:

*This experience was possible thanks to: Liora, Elise, Charlone Teerlink, Magazine Zij aan Zij, Pien, Harry Blitterswijk and the photo studio*



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  1. I’m curious about the result!

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