Dino: Smelly Socks

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Since you read this blog, you know that my human likes to work out. I mean, she has been publishing exercise challenges the entire 2013 so it was hard to miss. Now what you do miss, is the mess she makes because she works out. There are sports cloths everywhere in the house. Always. She doesn’t even respect the kitteh bed space… It is horrible.

Every time when I search for a nice warm spot to get one of my beauty naps, I have to watch my step in order not to step on smelly sweaty socks, or recently washed, and therefore still wet, sports shirts and pants. I must say that in summer time it is not that bad, since then I can just go out and sleep under a bush somewhere, but in wintertime, when she dries her socks on the central heating, there is no escaping the smell of sweaty feet odour or salty acidy smell of too much training.



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