Looking forward

Last year I decided that I was going to learn. A lot. And I know that I am going to do so. The challenge that I gave myself for 2014 has already resulted in over twenty option for learning experiences, offered by individuals. It feels amazing! So many people willing to teach me something, just like that.

Obviously not all the experiences are a match for me, since I actually have to learn something from that, it cannot be a skill I already master. If I master it partially, I do have to know that I can develop my skills exponentially or that I will gain a lot of knowledge by the experience. And I will gather options the entire year, so I will, at all times, be able to pick challenges that are out of my comfort zone or mindset.

With the help of my Facebook friends I selected the first two challenges. The second two challenges are selected by myself, since they are out of my comfort zone and will bring me a lot of new knowledge. So, what will I be experiencing in the first few weeks of 2014?

Jeremy Regensburg offered to teach me about olympic weight lifting and power-lifting. That may not be out of my comfort zone, but there is a lot to be learned in this area. Jeremy has invited me to the personal training studio to teach me all he can in two hours! And the date is set! Tomorrow!Check out his Facebook and websites: http://www.facebook.com/jemfit, http://www.jemfit.net andwww.easyshape.nl.

Than, Vera Sanders has offered me to teach me how to make a perfect pea soup. I will go and visit her during the second week of January to make and eat soup, together with some others. Awesome! And afterwards I will write a blog about and I hope it will inspire you and hopefully I will be able to share some of my experience with you!

When these two challenges are over, I will continue with the challenges I selected myself: Investing (with little money) in shares and sprinters, predicting stock prices, offered by Jeroen Klop, and Electric go karting or the history of spatial planning (or both at the same day) by Gordon de Munck. Sounds exciting!

If you, or the company where you work at, have got something for me to learn as well, please let me know!


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