Dino: I AM BACK!

So as all of you are still partying, or snoring in your beds, or on the lawn, or whatever you are doing after the NYE party, my human and I have worked on something for you. We decided to start blogging again. Not daily probably, but often. And there is more. My human is putting together an e-book with the 365 we did in 2012, which will be available soon. Yes. I love it.

For those who only recently started following this weird blog: Hello! Welcome! I am Dinofelis Big Muff-in. I am a lovely white cat. I love hunting, presents, snail mail, attention and my biggest goal is to become famous, like in the entire world famous! My human is very nice. She is helping me out writing this blog, since my paws usually mostly produce weird words like gtfhjniusz (this).

Now. What is new in this year’s blog, is that if you want me to give my opinion on something, you can just send us a message and if I like your subject, I will give you my opinion about it in a blog! You can reach us via the comments or send my human an e-mail via: ruthnroll@gmail.com.

Now. Since it is 2014 here in the Netherlands, I want to wish you all a lot of fun and happiness for this new year and I hope you will get to play a lot. Be nice!




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