Challenge 2014: Learn baby learn

The end of the year is nearing and it is time to realize a goal that I set for myself somewhere during the beginning of this year. It took me almost the entire year to define the boundaries for the challenge I am setting for myself for next year. The past year my blog has mainly been about working out, challenging myself and therewith others to get fitter and stronger. The upcoming year is going to be about learning.

Because I think learning is an important luxury I have. I know there are people, young and old, all over the world, who do not have the possibility, opportunity, money or time to learn the things they would want to learn. For some that means they cannot be as good as they want to be at their hobby, for others it means they hardly have a future. I won’t say that this challenge is all about awareness for these issues, though I do hope my personal challenge will help others to realize their educational dreams. No, this challenge is mainly a challenge for myself, to stay curious, to keep an open mind and to.. well.. to learn.

The upcoming year, I want to learn at least 25 new things. Not just a fact or a figure, but something that someone else teaches me, something that will take me an evening, an afternoon, a day or maybe an entire weekend to master, something that will make my life and mind richer.  It can be individual or in a group, but at the end of the lessons I will need to be able to really know it or be able to do it.

I will start learning in January of 2014. This project will run for 1 year, just like my other challenges and projects on this blog.

Well, that completely depends upon who is inviting me. Yeah, you heard me right. I am going to wait for invitations from people. I will promote my challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Marktplaats and I will just wait for people to respond. I will select the most challenging, the most funny, the most remarkable and the most amazing offers and we will decide together when and where the lessons will take place.

The rules?
Simple. I will pay for my own expenses like traveling and food. I will pay for the expenses for materials needed if it is not possible to borrow them. I will write a blog about the learning experience and what I’ve learned: Completely honest. If you have a webpage, I will link it in the blog. If I want, I can always bring someone with me.  Photos may be taken to illustrate the blog (by me or that extra person). The readers of my blog may vote on some of the subjects when I get too many awesome offers and I can’t choose.

There it goes. Do you have something you can teach me? Let me know!


6 Responses to “Challenge 2014: Learn baby learn”

  1. Beleggen (met weinig geld) in aandelen en sprinters, beurskoersen voorspellen. Duur: 2,5 uur, kosten: ik wil iets leren van jou.

    • Hoi Jeroen,
      Bedankt voor je reactie. Ik ga hem op de lijst erbij zetten. Iets van mij leren! Leuk! Die reactie krijg ik meer, dus dat gaan we regelen. Ik neem deze maand nog contact op met de personen voor de eerste leerervaringen:D.


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