#33: Challenge of the week: frog jumps

I like to give myself a weekly challenge in order to stay motivated. There are 7 levels for every challenge, so everyone can join in. Feel free to modify the challenges so they fit your personal needs. Remember always to listen to your body, don’t push yourself too hard but keep moving. Doing only these challenges is not a balanced way to get or stay fit. If you have doubts about exercises, or your body, always ask a specialist for advice!

Frog Jumps

There are many ways to do the frog jump. You can stay low, and move forward, you can stay on one place, and jump high, like in the video, or you can both move forward and extend, which will cause a nice flying frog movement. I picked a random video of a frog jump exercise, but to see more variations, just search for some more videos to find the one that fits you best. Make sure you keep in mind that when these jumping exercises start to hurt, you might want to take it easier on yourself, many injuries are caused by plyometric training and jumping exercises, due to exhaustion, bad technique or too much impact. Feel like not jumping too much, go for the squat challenge once more.

level 1: 70 reps
level 2: 140 reps
level 3: 210 reps
level 4: 280 reps
level 5: 350 reps
level 6: 700 reps
level 7: 1000 reps


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