Dino: Doing it Ozzy-style

Dear humans, I hear you! I hear a lot of you asking when I will be back. I hear a lot of you who miss my little adventures and my quest for fame. Well. I can tell you this. I am planning my come-back. Last year at the end of the year, I did not think that it would ever happen. I didn’t think that I would get the fame that I was hunting for. Though I am a tenacious hunter, I had the feeling this hunt was becoming an obsession. I needed some time for myself. Now that I hear so many of you missing me, hoping for me to come back, I decided that it might be my time finally.

Don’t expect too much yet. I have to plan this thing carIMG-20130707-WA0003efully. I have to convince my human to write for me again. I have to start posing again for the camera, and I have to go on adventure a bit more again.

As a kick-off of my come-back, I decided to go Ozzy-style. Last weekend I hunted down a bat and took it with me to my crib. Unfortunately my human interfered and those humans of the animal rescue service came by to pick up my little prey. What do you think? Shall I go Ozzy-style anyway or should I try out another style? Maybe Lordi-Style, with a mask? Or Pink-style, with pink hairs? Any other ideas?


5 Comments to “Dino: Doing it Ozzy-style”

  1. Ruth, you’re so much stronger than me or anyone I know… Hulk Hogan style?

    • Hey Morti, Dino here. I am sure Ruth would totally rock it as Hulk Hogan, though, I would prefer her without the weird Hogan look and I am not sure about the whole t-shirt ripping thing, but hey, if she likes it.. but I am a cat, I would totally ruin the Hogan style, as I do not, and will never, wear t-shirts nor bandanas! ;)

  2. Peter, Dino here.. White is the perfect base to start from when colouring your hairs, so I see plenty possibilities here. I could also go for blue, or black, or gold, or silver.. or maybe platinum. I like platinum…

  3. Rocker with leather jacket!

  4. Pink style with white hairs?

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