Climbing trees

Training has been weird the last months. I had a serious case of the whooping cough and therefore I could not work-out myself, but I did start to help others get fit. We do outdoor work-outs and it really is amazing to do. I would never have guessed that this would give me so much energy. Today I want to share a little memory with you, a memory that I just gained this evening.

As most of you know, I will be running the 10 English Miles during the Damloop in September for a Dutch cause: Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for muscles). To collect money, I am trying to promote myself as much as I can via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by asking friends and family to donate a Euro, or more if they can miss it.

The group that I am training heard of this little running event and they decided to give me some money as well. Some are just giving me some Euros that I can book into the account of the cause, others are asking me to do a little bit extra to earn the money. And yes, I am happy with that. It pushes my boundaries in a good way, and I collect money at the same time!

Climbing trees in Brussels

Climbing trees in Brussels

One of my best friends who also trains with us, knows that I am very afraid of heights, but that I, at the same time, want to become good at climbing in trees. I would love it if I could just go and climb any tree that I wanted, without being scared of the height and with enough arm strength to pull myself onto the branches. He helped me with some advice on where to place my hands and feet and how to go just a bit higher and how to climb down safely as well when we were in Brussels a few weeks back, and he remembered my goals.

If you combine the two of these events, the fear of heights and the required action in exchange for sponsors, you end up climbing in a tree after training for some Euros. With trembling arms and legs I managed to just get to the required height and climb back down safely. Of course I have scratches all over my arms and legs, but I did it. Thanks to the group that trains with me. Isn’t that just awesome!



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  1. Nice, very nice! Keep pushing your boundries, like you are motivating us to do too!

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