The answer to the million dollar question

How often do you hear people say: “If I had a million dollars I would….”, or any other currency with the corresponding amount of money, followed by the awesome things people would do if they actually had the money for it. I think people should think about what they would do with a million more often. This way, their dreams will get clearer to them. And it is not only a million dollars. What would you do if you had a million friends? A million houses, a million houses, a million guitars, a million tea bags?

Why should you think about those things? Why would you think about what to do with a million rocks? Well, because they say just as much about your dreams as a million dollar would. Why? Because it is not what you own that defines who you are, but what you do with it.

If I had a million keys, I would turn them into necklaces and bracelets and sell them cheap. If I had a million rocks, I would see if I could build something from them. Maybe a beautiful garden, or I would design a work-out plan around the rocks, so people can work-out for free in the area the rocks are placed. If I had a million teabags, I would organize a free high tea for whoever wants to come. If I had a million guitars, I would set up a fund for young promising guitar players without the opportunity to buy their first guitar. If I had a million friends, I would terminate all obligations, my rent, my car, everything, and make it my life goal to visit each and every one of them for a day. But what does that say about me?

Well, I think it means that I would not sit and do nothing. I would want to create something that lies within my capabilities and possibilities. I would want to share it with others without losing my independence. Most of all, I would put effort in it, work, as you will, to do something with the things that are given to me. Of course, there are certain things that I would prefer to have a million things of than others. I would prefer guitars over tea bags, I would prefer tea over wine, I would prefer friends over houses, I would prefer time over money, I would prefer freedom over time. But however I would create and share.

So what would I do with a million dollars? First of all, I would buy myself a decent race bike, and then I would hire some people in order to let Cassette Culture grow, in order to provide jobs for people who share my personal passion. I would create the hotel I am dreaming of and I would apply for University. After all of that, I would still have a lot of money left, which I would probably save for investments in the development of social events and charity for individuals and groups. I would write, read, work out and travel. Oh, and because I shook hands on it because I really like them, I would buy some of the statues made by Jos Dirix; owls and felines.

Now, that are my dreams right there. That is my answer to the million dollar question: I would create and share. That are the things that define my road in life. I don’t mind that there are many distractions on the way towards that dream. Those distractions make me enriched. They are the reason I meet new people who inspire me and they are the reason I can keep on adding to my collection. That is my biggest hobby: Collecting memories. I love that million dollar question, because for me answering it, makes the goal clearer and the road towards it just as important than the actual goal.

Now, I am wondering. What would you do with a million doors? What would you do with a million books? What would you do with a million tubes of paint? What would you do with a million leaves? What would you do with a million shoes? Pick one, and let me know!


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