#21: Challenge of the week: wall sit

I like to give myself a weekly challenge in order to stay motivated. There are 7 levels for every challenge, so everyone can join in. Feel free to modify the challenges so they fit your personal needs. Remember always to listen to your body, don’t push yourself too hard but keep moving. Doing only these challenges is not a balanced way to get or stay fit. If you have doubts about exercises, or your body, always ask a specialist for advice!

The Wall Sit
This exercise is actually something I do from time to time just to relax by getting into a different position than just standing, though, when combining it with a full work-out, it is not that relaxing anymore. If I combine it with a regular work-out, adding it at the end, like suggested in the video, or adding it to my circuits, it can really burn! For me, when I add it to a circuit, I would do 3 times 1 minute of wall sit. Remember to listen to your body and watch out for your knees!

level 1: 3.5 minutes
level 2: 7 minutes
level 3: 14 minutes
level 4: 21 minutes
level 5: 35 minutes
level 6:  49 Minutes
level 7: 70 minutes


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