The car people

And there it was. That morning we all hope for. With we, I refer to the people who get up in the morning to go to their work, by car. And what are we all hoping for? Well, it is a combination of things. On the one hand, we want to be at our work quickly, so we can go home early – in general the car-people don’t really like to be in their car all that much. As it is morning, the car-people (yes, we!) are easily irritated: It’s morning. So getting there fast isn’t the only thing the car-people are hoping for. We also want to get there without having to think and do too much. We want it to be a flow in which we can slightly dream away without causing major accidents that will cause other car-people to get more irritated and late.

So when I got in my car the other day, and got stuck behind a bicycle even before I was on the highway, I was not expecting it to be that morning I hope for every morning. It took me well over five minutes to get on the main road in my village, but up from there, it was heaven. Car-people heaven.

I had some trouble getting on the right lane, but a gentle trucker slowed down slightly, so I would not be forced to drive over the emergency lane. The edge was taken off by a simple drop of speed by an unknown truck-person. Thank you! With a slightly improved mood, I drove on, to notice there wasn’t that much traffic at all. It was as though it was 5:30, but it really was 8:30. At 8:30 normally the traffic jams are at their peaks. At 8:30 it is hard to even change lanes to pass a car, on any given day, but not that day.

So, gentle truck-person, little car-people and okay, I admit, damn good music on the radio. Last week a friend gave me a CD he thought was a little bit too loud and heavy. Well, for me it was the perfect music to wake up with. So with Korn in my ears and Coffee in my hand I drove on. Not going too fast and passing other cars now and then. And then it happened. I got stuck behind a vehicle that was just a little bit too slow. I could not go around it as there were other cars approaching on the other lane and I had to drop my speed. Or so I thought. The cars coming up behind me made room so I could change lanes and did not have to take my foot of the pedal.

So, little traffic, gentle car and truck people so far. This must be the perfect day on the road. I did not expect this little joy to last the entire trip, but after I got stuck behind a slow car again, and again, and again, I started to notice a pattern. The car-people stayed gentle, kept making room for me to pass. I did not go faster than a hundred kilometers per hour and still managed to get to work within 35 minutes (opposed to the usual 45-60 around this hour). Thank you, car-people! Thank you, truck-people! Let’s do this more often!

Now, back to work.


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