#17: Challenge of the week: Box Jumps

I like to give myself a weekly challenge in order to stay motivated. There are 7 levels for every challenge, so everyone can join in. Feel free to modify the challenges so they fit your personal needs. Remember always to listen to your body, don’t push yourself too hard but keep moving. Doing only these challenges is not a balanced way to get or stay fit.

Box Jumps
I love this one. I am not really good at jumping, but I always, always do jumps when I exercise outside (unless it is too slippery at my jumping areas). I have several spots where I can perform jumps. It is awesome. I am not as skilled that I can actually jump very high, but the more I practice, the better I get. I need to be careful with my knees and feet, as these are areas that easily get injured when I push myself too hard.

level 1: 50 reps
level 2: 100 reps
level 3: 150 reps
level 4: 200 reps
level 5: 250 reps
level 6: 300 reps
level 7: 350 reps


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