They Tricked you!

It’s spring they say. The sun will come out again they say. Time to play outside they say. You know what? THEY ARE WRONG!

They just tricked you into believing in a thing like seasons. They had me to, but I am onto them now. I finally understand how it works. They give you hope. They let the sun shine for 1 or 2 days, make it really warm and cosy. Make you feel happy and energized. As soon as you have the hope for summer growing in your heart. BAM! Snow. Ice. Temperatures below zero.

This. My friends. This is how they try to control you. Don’t fall for it!

My remedy? Put on your shorts, bikini, skirt, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or dresses. Turn that heat on inside! Put yellow and orange plastic over your light bulbs. Pin posters of the sea and palm trees to your walls, make yourself a nice coconut or babymice cocktail. Empty a few bags of white sand in your living room. Put a nice soft towel on top of that. Put on your sunglasses on, lay down on your towel and just close your eyes and relax. That’s how its done, dear human friends. That’s how its done.



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