Dino: Vet & bed

My 365 of last year has come to an end, but I feel the need to discuss something with you. Happily my human agreed on writing a blog for me now and then. I know a lot of humans have been following me last year and as I don’t feel too well the last weeks, and it is only getting worse, I want to let you know what is going on.

100120131941Basically, I don’t know yet. The only thing I know for sure is that I feel agitated more than usual. I feel cold a lot and I am so hungry, it is not normal anymore. Also, I have this weird spot on my chin. It might be nothing, it might be just a little wound from fighting with red cat or so, but I am not sure about it, as it started as a little black spot, tinier than the head of a needle. Over time, it grew and now it is about 3 to 4 millimeters wide. It looks like the crust on a wound, but it does not heal.

So, my human is taking me to the vet on Monday. I hate the vet. If there is one place in the world where I would not want to be found dead or alive, it is the vet. I know I will put up a fight there, even now I actually do want to know what is going on, even now I do want to go there in order to feel good again – and I know those humans there can make me feel better – I will put up a fight and scratch and bite them! But yeah. I am going there. I won’t be allowed to eat up from Sunday evening 10 o’clock. That will be hell, so I will be even more agitated and miserable then the past weeks.

Happily not all is bad in my life. Last week my human had her family humans coming over again. The Peter human and the Marieke human, but also the brother human and sister-in-law human. The last two brought me awesome presents. They brought me this scratching post, a complete cat tree. It is awesome. My human made two nice spots out of it. One is situated right above the heating, the other one is more climbable and situated in the corner of the living room, with an awesome view on the window and thus the great outsides! I love the brother and sister human for it. It is so relaxing to have a place for myself, where I can do the things that are important to me and feel comfortable and warm!

My human has put the heating up a little bit, as she knows I feel a bit cold. In combination with the new soft spots, this is a real present and I now spend my days snoozing there instead of on the bed or the couch. Sleep tight dear humans. I’ll keep you posted.



3 Comments to “Dino: Vet & bed”

  1. Ik leef met je mee, dinopoes!

  2. Sterkte, maandag, Dino!

  3. Get well soon, girl. Cat-Power to you!

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