366: Thank you and goodnight

366Well, that has been one hell of an adventure. If I were a stand-up comedian, or any other sort of comedian, I probably would ask my human to write down some fantastic, humoristic , sharp and emotional last entry. I would ask her to make a summary of all that has happened last year. Humans playing bass, snow, the new crib, the human staying up whole nights, the red cat, food, fan mail, parties, adventures, more food, more adventures, more snow, rain, strange things in the house, preys, hunts, play, more food and so on. But that is if I were funny. As I do not feel funny at all, I just want to let you know that I have enjoyed all the attention that you gave me. I loved being out there and trying to do new stuff so this 365 would stay cool and amazing and fun, and of course I tried to put a lot of effort into getting famous and take over the world. Those last two still have not completely worked out the way I planned them, but believe me as I say, I will keep working on it!

Thank you for being here with me the entire year. I heard a lot of you reading humans ask my human to please continue this 365 for yet another year, but I think it is time for a change. It is time for a new subject and maybe that brings us a new 365 next year, in about 1 minute after I post this, here, where I live, it will be 2013, unless the world will find its apocalypse in 2012 after all and this planet is destroyed right before we get to 2013 of course. Therefor I want to wish all of you all the best for the upcoming year. I hope you will all have an amazing year throughout 2013, and don’t forget to send me some fan mail now and then. I will always like it!

For now: Thank you, and good night!


One Comment to “366: Thank you and goodnight”

  1. Dag Poes, tot zaterdag LIVE. Zal je leuke stukjes missen!

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