362: A thousand words

If I would tell you that this post consists of exactly one thousand words, would you then go and count them, or copy them and let one of your editing programs count them? Well, as you know, a picture says more than a thousand words and if you would take the picture into account, this post indeed is far over a thousand words. If you will only count the typed words, then indeed this post consists of exactly one thousand words. It is often said that it is not the amount that counts, but the quality, and I do admit that the quality of this post is not that good at all. I do like the quality of the picture though. I love it. It shows me in a beautiful manner, with beautiful lightning and in a great pose. I usually don’t have such beautiful photos on here, due to the incapability of my human and her phone, but I guess that is just fine. This is not a high quality blog anyway, come on, it is about a cat that is posting her thoughts and adventures online. Do you really expect me to keep up a high level of intellectuality when I have to post daily? And thanks to my human, who was using her time for other important things, I even had to post like three posts a day lately. I am so glad that I am still able to do the modeling every day, and tell her what to write. It is a hard job, but I am glad that I do it. It is a good thing to try and get famous.

As I have  a lot more words to write, let me introduce a new theory to you humans. My human was talking about it the other day. She figured that creativity is not really creativity for most humans, at most moments, but the ability to think in an associative way very easily. Therefore, for humans who are called creative, it feels like a strange comment on their behavior, as for them it is only pronouncing parts of these associations and communicating them with others. She also said that she understands that for others it might seem that the ability of associating that easily is creativity, as the flow of associations goes so quickly that it is hard to actually inform the listener about all the steps in the chain of associations.

Real creativity should involve an actual creation of something new. Just shouting things, might seem the creation of new stories or jokes, or ideas, but in my opinion a creation should be visible or touchable, or readable. Sometimes an idea can be creative, but mostly it consists of a lot of associations brought together. I think that creativity also has something to do with passion, with having heart, with the feeling that you are a part of something.

A lot of you, the humans who are reading my 365, have been a part of this blog for a long time. Commenting on the Facebook links, commenting on the blogs itself, telling my human that you miss the blogs when she is not able to post them, telling my human that you miss the links on Facebook, when the application responsible for posting the links has got a bug… All this telling you miss something is not creative though. Creativity should involve something new as well. Something that puts something old into a new perspective.

Well, enough about creativity. I do have to talk about something else to get to those thousand words. Maybe even two other things. Let’s talk about food. Food is a strange thing for you humans. A lot of humans are afraid of killing animals and hunting. That is weird as most humans do like to eat meat. I like meat as well, but I like hunting too. I think it is weird that a lot of humans are afraid of hunting and killing animals. Of course, there is a difference between cruel heartless killing and killing with heart. Killing with heart is done with respect. It is done without needlessly hurting the animals, without laughing about it, without hating the animals, without enjoying it. Killing is always a hard thing to do. It changes you. Me, being a predator, a hunter, I do like the hunt, I do like the kill, I do like the bite and the taste. What I do not like, is overdoing it. It must happen with respect. With love and with gratefulness.

Now, I liked that I got the opportunity to lecture you about it. Thanks for still reading this. As I don’t really have to tell something else at this moment. I will just add some of my favourite words, so I won’t have to add a lot more new subjects. In the meantime I will think of a new subject to tell you about:

“Toys, food, famous, sleep, night, human, great outsides, crib, intertubes, information, learning.”

Okay, now that was fun. Do you know language is a fascinating thing? The way humans deal with language is even more fascinating. There are humans who try to preserve language as it is, which is very unrealistic. Language is a living thing. It evolves. As technology evolves, as new products, technologies and events enter the lives of the humans, new words appear. Not only these new things are a reason to create new words. Culture is also a great source for new words, music and literature in special. Also the intertubes are a great source of new words in several languages. I overheard my human telling a story that a Dutch TV program introduced Dutch words all over the world. English has been doing this ever since humans are able to travel. I think it is most fascinating. I might start to study this phenomenon when I am done with this 365.

Well, dear humans, that’s it. That were exactly one thousand words for you, I promise!



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