359: Fat Cat!



I am shocked. It must have been Christmas. I guess Christmas did it. Steintje, my biggest fan in the whole wide world, she is fat. She looks like a soccer ball. I knew she was becoming big momma kitteh, but she could have stopped at being like a football. Now she is so big she needs to go on a diet. Cats on diets are not happy cats. I feel sorry for Steintje kitteh. But it is her own damn fault. She should have been moving more. She should run and play and run and hunt and play and run and hunt and jump and dance and run and hunt and play more! I think I will open up a clinic for fat unhappy cats, where I will chase them the entire day so they won’t get a chance to rest and will get nicely shaped again. I don’t mind fat as in big momma fat, but soccer ball fat is just not good for a kitteh. It is too much weight on our little legs, it is too much weight for our paws…


2 Comments to “359: Fat Cat!”

  1. Yeah, run & play. In the rain! Are you sure its good for her, to play in the rain?

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