357: Donkeys? Cats!

I was reading the Christmas story, the other day, and I am still a bit agitated. Nowhere they speak of a cat. They should have had a cat at the shed. The cat would have been able to keep the child warm and cosy. A cat would have been soft and gentle to that kid. A cat would have put a smile on the face of Maria and Josef. I like the Egyptians better. When I read their stories of ancient times, they speak of cats as sacred animals. They would protect the cats no matter what. They would let their houses burn down and not try to put out the fire, and instead try to keep the cats out of the fire. They worshiped cats like it were gods. I also read about the holy cat of the intertubes the other day. A cat that is white and is called ceiling cat. I think I am a descendent of ceiling cat as I am completely white as well. Jesus should know that we cats are willing to keep him warm. Can someone please tell him so?



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