356: Jingle bells

Now can someone please explain to me what Jingle bells are? I mean, my human has bells in her tree instead of balls, she has them laying on the plate under the tree as well. But I don’t get it. Are these jingle bells as well? Are these bells any different from the regular bells? they look like kitteh bells. I hate kitteh bells. Happily I don’t have to wear any bells, nor balls. I just wear my fur and that’s it. My human won’t even dare to think about putting anything on me. I made it quite clear that I don’t like having things on me.

These bells keep me wonder.. Please, explain it! Someone!



2 Comments to “356: Jingle bells”

  1. Belle = bells

  2. Volgens mij zijn jingle Belle jengelende belletjes of zangers en zangeressen die daarover jammeren!

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