353: Box of books!

Yes! Besides sharing joy with others, reading must be the best way to enjoy days off. My human just got an entire new box of books. A lot of books. Like, a lot! She will be quiet for some hours when she is going to read all of them. I know she will read all of them. She has so many books that she wants to read that she will probably be reading the entire 2013. That is, if she finishes working early at times. I like books for several more reasons. First of all, of course, when my human is reading, I can sit on her lap and get cuddles. Second, books are a warm place to sit on. It is amazing how comfortable a book can be to sleep on. Then, third, the silver fish. They like books for food. I like fish for food, so the more books, the more silver fish, the more I can hunt! Toys!



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