350: Illusions

There is this fascination that is growing somewhere in the depths of my brain. It is a fascination for optical illusions. The things that appear to be, but are not. The things that seem to be something that they are not. The things that can be meant to be several things, but are neither of these things. The tricks the mind can play on you. Shadows of imagination that become reality. Sometimes a point of view, a literal point of view, not a way to think about the world, can create the idea something is large, or small, or square, or circular, as, in reality, it is not. It keeps me busy. It keeps me wondering. It keeps me thinking…



2 Comments to “350: Illusions”

  1. Dino says: Maybe, when I become a philosopher kitteh, I can get famous! Good idea Peter!

  2. You’re become a philosopher, now? WoW! Of Woef!

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