348: Beware of the Diva

Humans often think that we cats don’t know, that we don’t notice. But beware. we do. We are not as stupid as you think. There are some movies about smart cats, cats that safe the world from danger, movies about cats having super powers. Movies about cats that can actually talk in human tongue, cats that can operate human equipment. Of course these movies don’t tell the truth. They are all a big farce. They’re fake. The only moments when I operate human equipment, is when I, accidentally find out how it works and find it useful.

However, I do understand a lot of what humans do and say. Obviously I am able to direct my human to do the things that I want her to do and she writes my blogs, obviously I tell her what to write. So, humans, remember, I understand more than you think I do, just as the other lovely kittehs out there!



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