339: Get me out of here!

This is true paranoia. My human saw me dancing. This is not good! Help me! She is now forcing me to watch “So you think you can dance”. Why does she do this to me? This is torture. I heard the expression “dance like no one is watching” a while ago, well, I would like to change that: Dance when no one is watching. This is horror. I want to get out of this place. How can I ignore this music.. I want to dance! But I don’t want to watch this stupid television, nor do I want to listen to the stupid comments, nor do I want to have my human around when I dance. I look weird when I dance. That is not for others to see. Please, human, put on a detective, put on Expedition whereever, put on discovery channel, but please, please, please, stop this pretending-to-be-funny-non-intellectual-not-enough-dance-for-a-dancing-program-and-too-much-sex-orientated-too-little-real-dancing-terror!



2 Comments to “339: Get me out of here!”

  1. Wil je bij ons asiel?

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