334: Sleeping on the couch

Sometimes, it is not because we are in a fight or so, I just end up spending the night on the couch. It mostly ends up with me having no appetite to get up in the morning because I am cold and feel lonely, even though it is my own fault. I feel self-pity as those moments. You know, that ugliest emotion I talked about the other day? I prefer sleeping with my human. My human is nice and warm and she is soft. I have seen humans sleep on the couch as well. It is funny. Those humans don’t even fit on the couch. When I see humans sleep on the couch, I am amused. It just looks funny. It is some sort of malicious pleasure that I can’t get enough, so if you feel like spending a day on a way to small couch, feel free to send me a picture of you laying there, trying to sleep…



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