331: Can I haz a possitive?

Melancholy is one of those feelings that somehow is romanticized, but when you feel melancholic, I can tell you, it is not nice at all. I don’t understand why humans feel like melancholy is something beautiful as well. I think it is just sad. I feel sad when I feel melancholic. I feel self-pity. Self pity is one of the ugliest emotions I know. It is the emotion that says: I really don’t like something but I am too lazy or to ignorant to do something about it. If you feel sorry about something you did wrong that did only hurt you, just learn from it. If you feel that your life is terrible (at one point, or just in general), remember that there is ALWAYS something in your power to do about it. Don’t feel sorry for things you cannot change, just accept those. It is not that hard really. If you feel that the whole world is against you, don’t think about what the world is doing wrong, think about what you can change, mostly it is something about yourself, to make it better. Life isn’t such a b**ch after all, you know.



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