333: Triple Triple party!

December is the month of parties! There is the Dutch Sinterklaas, then there is my triple triple party blog-wise, and then there is Christmas and New Years’ eve. I love it. We should have more of these months. More party moments. More moments where we celebrate. I am not talking about the numerous days like the day of the vegetarians, of the moustache, of the animals, of the apes, of the sixth tree to the left… I am talking about proper party days, like birthdays, and the awesome parties I mentioned above, like Christmas. Parties that get humans together and forget about their differences, Parties to give each other presents (remember, I like strings and food!), parties to think about the ones you love.. Maybe we should make an annual “I love the world” party. That would be awesome. Let’s put that one in December as well and let’s say we will, from now on, celebrate it on the 21st of December…



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