327: Fixing sheets

I have found a similarity between humans and kittehs! Well, at least, between my human and me. We both need our sheets to be just right. They must be comfortable, covering the right parts of our bodies, in the right way. It can take some time sometimes to fix the sheets. For my human it is more easy than for me. She has more power over the sheets than I do. I can spend over 15 minutes in fixing my sheets. My human mostly only spends a few minutes.

Though it takes me a little bit of time to fix the sheets, I actually like the activity. It completely gets me relaxed. The movements I make feel like stretching, which works calming, and I get to set my mind on a sleeping mode. Just forgetting about all the things that happened during the day without getting new information. I feel everyone should take a little bit of time fixing their sheets before going to bed.



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