320: This bag is not a toy

There are these moments that I just want to know something. That I am so curious that I can hardly cope with it. Mostly the intertubes help me out here. I love the intertubes. They  are a source of knowledge and mostly satisfy my needs. I also hate the intertubes as most of the information is so much more of a snack than real information that it feels like being busy but not doing something really. Craving for knowledge is a feeling that is both energizing as it is frustrating. Every time when I read something, learn something, I know that I can’t really do something with it. It is just knowledge for entertainment. You could say that snack knowledge is fine for me, as I can’t really do something with it, but on the other hand I learn a lot of interesting things about humans and therefor understand them better. I also start to understand Red Cat better, and those weird dogs, and the little humans… and.. and.. I guess knowledge helps me understand.

For some things there is just not enough knowledge on the intertubes though.. and my human won’t tell me.. WHAT WAS IN THE BAG!??!? It smells so good… I want it! I want it! I want it!



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