318: Just about right

My human lost her wallet the other day. She does things like that. Washing her legal documents, leaving the car key on the door of the car, forgetting to actually put the groceries in the car after shopping…But somehow, it always turns out right. She can iron her legal documents, someone will put her car keys in her mail box, another one will get her attention so she can take her groceries after all, and someone else will bring her wallet back. My human is one of the most lucky unlucky humans on earth. Even when everything goes wrong, it turns out right, and if it is not for somebody else, she makes sure that she will fix it herself. It is amazing to see how she meets so many humans that are willing to reach out and give her that helping hand when she needs it. And she also thanks them for it appropriately. When I am surfing the intertubes during the day, what I mostly see is a lot of ignorant humans, doing ignorant things, without thinking about other humans, without considering the consequences.. I guess my human somehow manages to find all the good humans.  When humans come to my crib, it are always nice humans as well. It is so weird, when I read the intertubes I would not believe good humans exist, but when I hear my human her stories and when  I meet her humans, it is such a contradiction. But it is just about right? What do you think?



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