Okay, so being outside with this cold weather has a strange effect on my tummy. It felt like I was completely empty when I woke up this morning. I mean, not like just hungry, but like there is nothing left in your stomach. I must have been eating at least three plates of food this morning and I still feel like I could eat a horse. Well, I prefer cow, but you get what I mean. I think my human should be buying more real cow meat so I can eat fresh meat instead of this canned stuff. I think after a day in the great outsides, I deserve some nice red juicy meat. Though, when my human prepares meat and serves it to me, it mostly is raw or, well, let’s just call it chewy…

Did you know there is another gift giving party coming up? I can’t wait to see what my present will be for christmas. I did not really like my Sinterklaas present.. Hopefully I will get something nice. Maybe I will get my own cow! Now that would be an awesome present. Even better than strings and such…



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