295: For real?


That’s weird! This morning I woke up, and I noticed something different in the house. There was this thing.. I don’t know. I just felt it. So I walked around to discover what was going on and guess what? I found out there was a little present for me! The first letter of my name, in chocolate. Too bad I am not allowed to eat chocolate. I guess I will have to make someone else happy with this little present, but the fact that someone was nice enough to think about me during this evening where I hear everyone is getting presents. It is awesome! I love the fifth of December from now on. It might be my third favourite day. Of course my estimated birthday is my most favourite day, and then there is the fourth of October. Somehow I always get a present on the fourth of October… I like presents!



One Comment to “295: For real?”

  1. I like chocolate!

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