276: Open sesame #2

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny human. Very funny. Complaining about me complaining and than pull a practical joke on me.. You know what, human? As long as I am out here, waiting to get back inside, I have time to ways of getting you back. Believe me, I am way better then you are. I play these games with food for fun.. So let me in and we’ll pretend nothing happened. Let me in! Hey! HUMAAAAAWN! please? I am sorry that I overreacted human! Sorry I trashed our crib a little bit yesterday! I am sorry for acting like a junior kitteh. Please let me in human! please! I promise I’ll be good! I am awesome anyway, so I think I’ll manage good as well…


One Comment to “276: Open sesame #2”

  1. En? Liet ze zich vermurwen, jouw human?

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