268: Playing games

Eventually life is all just one big joke. A game that we play together. We try to make the best out of it, or just try to do what we are expected to do. Sometimes we feel we have no influence on what is happening. Sometimes it feels like we don’t actually have a choice in what we do. Every now and then, there is a book, or a movie, or a game. They come with a story. A story that is so frightening and so ludicrous that we don’t even feel like this is the society that we are heading for. If you go back to 1984, we knew that there was more truth in that story than we’d ever want to admit. If you know Battle Royal, you might just feel like we could not be that cruel as we are intelligent beings.  Let me tell you this. If we keep feeling that our luck, our life, depends on others, if we keep complaining about all these things just happen, that we cannot influence them, then I am afraid that eventually we will create a world that is similar to the world the products in “The Island” are living in. Hoping one day we will be lucky enough to be picked, to get a real life, a better life. Obeying, following the rules, the steps, doing what you are told.

Sometimes it is possible to actually create a better life from such a world, but it all comes down to one thing: Take responsibility over your own life! So far for preaching, now let’s get back to complaining…


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